Promotion ~ Prospects ~ Petitions



Promotion is important for all Bethels.

Have you checked your Bethel’s promotional materials? 

Do you have enough?

Do all Daughters and Adults have some and keep with them at all times?

Promotion can occur at any time, ideas include:

Inactive members night

Presentation at local Parent, Teacher Associations

Participate in local parades

Have a booth at local fairs

Use local free media resources

Open house

Open meetings



Prospects can be any age; it doesn’t matter if they’re 8 or 18!

Prospects may not even know if they have Masonic relationship.

Prospects are any girl who can think of.

Prospects can be found at:

Jobie-2-Bee events

Friends at school, church or other clubs

Co-workers’ families

Inactive members



Promotion + Prospects = Petitions


Promotion Brochure (posted with permission from Indiana) PDF Doc


Promotion Brochure (posted with permission from California) Word Doc


Promotion and Jobie-To-Bee Brochures and Flyers


Jobie-to-Bee Program


The Idea Pool From Supreme


Promotion Voucher for Bethels
Report of Promotion form


Pride in Job's Daughters Promotion Award Program