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Jesika (Myers) Richardson (67)

I'm so excited to hear you are keeping our memories alive! Here are some of my favorite memories as MOJD 03*04:

*Using my hair as a blush brush--Mrs. Greenlee knows this secret...I shared it with her.

*I ripped my dress on stage the night I was crowned Miss (Not many people know that, because I kept my composure).

*Learning how to stick a spoon on my nose with no hands!

*The amazing amount of love and hugs I received from all Daughters and Adults when visiting their lodge/Bethel.

*Late night Slurpee runs with Mr. Thurman.

*The thousands of miles driving with Mr. Thurman and the many Daughters I traveled with all over Oregon, Washington, and Canada, eh!

*Filling in at Bethel meetings. I always felt it was better to help out the Bethel, rather than sit in my cape and crown and observe the meeting.

*The MIJD pageant 2004 in Wyoming was my biggest accomplishment. Being a part of the top 12 was my goal and I was so excited and overwhelmed when my name was called. What a great experience!!

*The honor of being Mr. Thurmans escort the day he was installed as Associate Supreme Guardian. I can't say enough wonderful things about Mr. Thurman. He was such a huge part of the reason why I was able to travel so much during my year. He's an amazing asset to our Organization and definetly has his heart in the right place!

*When wearing the big crown, I always had at least 10 bobby pins to keep it in place.

That's all I can think of right now. Here are several photos from my year. The ones in the park of just me were taken by my friend, Katrina K. Feel free to use any of them. Let me know if you need anymore information. I'm also working on getting some history of my first Bethel 24 in Sellwood.

Bethel 24's PHQs

International Pageant 2004

Supreme 2004 with Bob Thurman

Brittany (GBHQ-04/05) and Jesika (MOJD-03/04)

New Talents as MOJD

MOJD 2004-2005
Meghan (Frazier) Aanderud (1)

Highlights and Memories from my year as MOJD 04*05!

October 9, 2004!

“She flies with her own wings.”

Getting opens arms and hearts wherever I went!

Filling in at meetings is more fun than sitting in a cape and crown!

Don’t mix up the Matrons and Patrons!

Babysitting while adults went dancing!

Leap frogging at my reception!

Escorting Mr. Thurman as outgoing ASG!

Representing Oregon in the International Pageant in Fresno!

Dare you to ride in a trunk in a dress – I did!

The Oregon/California dinner in Fresno with the “MEGHAN” sign!

Frogs in the shower – Mom A should remember that one!

Decorating Mr. Thurman’s truck! Don’t use gummy worms and oreos in weather over 100 degrees!

October 2, 2005!

Banisters, Jobies and skirts are not a good mix!

GBHQ Brittney and MOJD Meghan 2004-2005!

Bethel 10 breakfast with MIJD, SBHQ, Miss Ontario and Bethel 11!

A special Bethel Grandparent, Grandma Vera!

MOJD 2005-2006

Robyn Varner (26)

My Favorite Miss Oregon memories:

• Hearing the Oregon girls yell “OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOHHHHHHH” when I walked on stage in the Miss International Pageant (actually pretty much all Session long).

• Serving as Miss Oregon with Rachel Larsen and Rachel Porter, two of the best GBHQs a girl could ask for.

• Traveling throughout the state and always feeling welcome wherever I went.

• Making memories and friends in Vancouver, BC at the Miss International Pageant.

• GBHQ Rachel Larsen accidentally calling me “Rachel Varner” and it stuck.

• Maybe this shouldn’t be a favorite, but I will never forget the crown dent. That sucker is heavy.

GBHQ Rachel and MOJD Robyn

MOJD Robyn and GBHQ Rachel

At Grand Bethel Weekend 2006

Miss OR and Miss PA at Supreme Session in Vancouver, BC

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Rachel Soule' (66)


MOJD 2007-2008
Amber Rachdi (19)


MOJD 2008-2009
Kelsey Richert (1)

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