B78 UD HQI am pleased to report some of contents of a time capsule from Bethel #78 that was sealed on December 10, 1989 at their 25th anniversary and opened on their 40th anniversary in 2004. The container contained installation programs and napkins, letters from members, pictures, a ritual, Jobie newspaper articles, Institution and Installation of Bethel UD, Albany on December 12, 1964 program (Note: Linda N. was the Installing Honored Queen as GBHQ and Joanne F. was the first Honored Queen and Philamon K. the first Guardian and Lewis K., Associate Bethel Guardian; Bethel 48 from Salem initiated the new members). Also included was info from their 10th anniversary party that also had a time capsule.

The newspaper article on the left contains a picture of Miss Joanne F., first Honored Queen of Bethel #78. More than 225 guests were present on Sunday, March 14, at the Albany Masonic Lodge when Bethel U.D., Albany joined the Masonic family as a chartered Bethel and became Bethel #78. Hazel VanCleave was the Grand Guardian and Harry Auda was the Associate Grand Guardian and presided during the ceremony. They presented HQ Joanne F. a treasure chest made of Oregon juniper wood filled with miniature Job's Daughters mementos. Honored guests were present for the chartering and initiation from Supreme and Grand.

The picture on the left is from the 10th Birthday Party. The picture on the right is the display table of PHQ pictures, scrapbooks, souvenirs of installations that were used at the Birthday Party.


The forms filled out at the tenth anniversary party in 1974 had predictions for 1989, when their time capsule was scheduled to be open. The forms covered different subjects:
- School and School Activities
- Slang - Fads - Current Customs
- Jobies - Job's - Bethel 78
- Styles in Dress
- Houses - Buildings - City of Albany
- Transportation
- Business - Industry - Environment
- Music - Dancing - Favorite Entertainment
- and Recreation & Summer Fun & Work.

The entries on the Jobies - Job's - Bethel #78 form in 1974 were:
- Bethel with about 30 active girls
- Girls wear dresses to all activities
- We have a new ritual coming out at the end of the year

The 1989 predictions were:
- Have 2 bethel's in town that will meet at the new Masonic Hall!
- They will be wearing fancy dress suits (Mr. K's prediction)
- They will be wearing egyptian garbs (Mr. S's prediction)
- The ritual will probably be changed again as ideas change
- The HQ at the time this is opened will be a student at Albany's 3rd or 4th High School
- Parents will again see the need to be "behind" the girls and for the sidelines every meeting.

At the bottom of the sheet was the group wish for the Bethel's future: "To have more active members and more parental participation."

Some of the notes put in the container in 1989 were:

My Niece Jennifer D. wrote in part "I hope for this bethel a large membership and parent participation. This organization has been very good for me and I believe everyone who puts some care and time into it will benefit. I know when I was very active my mother was Guardian and my sister Nichole and cousin Jodi were all members too, which made it very fun. I just hope that parents realize with your help the Bethel will continue to be a fun and experiencing thing to belong to. I wish all of the current and past members of Bethel #78 good luck for the future! Happy Anniversary!"

Katie T. wrote "What Bethel 78 means to me is hope, friendship, caring about each other and being nice to others. What I have learned in this Bethel is to be caring, loving, and to give each other your friendship. In this Bethel the members give you their friendship and to sit with your feet flat on the floor :o}! You really do have a lot of fun. We go to places and we help people, we have carwashes, we have sleepovers. The most fun I have had since I joined was the sleepovers. We had a costume contest and we went to the old folks home and we danced and sang all night"

Melissa I. wrote: "Job's is a friendly place where all girls get to meet new girls and become good friends. We have 10 members in 1994 on December 10th. It has been hard for a lot of the girls to come but we are still here and getting new members. I'm very scared about being Honored Queen in June 3, 1994 at 2 pm. I hope you have as much fun as I did. By the way you can always remember me as the next super model of the world, and yes, I will say I owe it all to Job's Daughters just to publicize Job' Daughters. Have a great time and happy birthday to all in Job's Daughters, especially Bethel #78."

Holly D. wrote: "I was initiated in to Bethel #78 on September 16, 1976; became Honored Queen June 6, 1981, and received my majority in March 1984. I really enjoyed my years in the bethel and still try to keep in touch. I hope I'm here when you read this. I'd really like to see the bethel in 2004 - bigger and stronger than ever! Maybe, but the time you read this, Takena Chapter Order of DeMolay will be going strong again. If so, maybe my son Christopher (now 3-1/2) will be a member. Please keep your bethel active, make lots of friends and keep in touch with them. Make the bethel #1 in your life and give it 100%! Jobie love to you all. Happy 40th birthday, Bethel 78!"

I will not post one letter as it gave all of the active daughters and who they were in love with at the time of the letter... very interesting. The letter also listed things that the daughters hated.

Carolyn R. wrote: "As a PHQ and Past Grand Bethel Honored Queen, I have really gotten to know Bethel #78 over these past 5 years. Bethel #78 has become one of my 3 favorite Bethels in the State, some of my closest friends are members at this time. I wish this Bethel continued success. To the members, this organization is for you and take it to its fullest potential - that of fun and friendship. I will always cherish my times in Job's Daughters, as I hope you will too. As a PAGG used to say: Daughters, put a little love in your heart, a smile on your face, extend your arm out to a friend and make this word a better place."

Becky B. wrote: "Jobies has helped me speak up in front of people. If I wasn't in Job's, I wouldn't be able to say my part without getting all red and forgetting the part. I would not be able to read anything in class. I'm glad I'm in Job's Daughters. I like helping the community. I met a lot of new friends. I carried the Job's Daughters' flag at Grand Session in front of almost all of the Job's Daughters in Oregon. I wouldn't have been able to do that if I wasn't in Job's daughters. I like doing things to raise money for our bethel, like carnivals, can drives, bandit breakfasts, and car washes."

Gina Y. wrote: "Even though I can't remember the specific date - the time I sure can remember . It was close to midnight and the year - summer of 1986. Dinee K., Heather R., Nicole D., Danielle Y., Stacy P. and I shared a room at Surf Sides on the coast for a Jobie weekend activity. Dinee and Heather had fallen asleep. Nicole and I were bored, until we thought of a perfect idea.. Tee-pee! But what? Well of course, the two sleeping beauties (not for long). Nicole and I attempted to search our suitcases for all sorts of creamy slimy, sticky and wet things. Next we "literally painted" their faces. This was done with not ease - but laughing hysterically with jerking motions of our hands. Finally, Dinee awoke in the middle of her deep sleep, touched her face and said "What did I do to myself?" We all died laughing. We also played "Truth or Dare." Danielle had to take a shower in her clothes and press her bc against the window. But the most memorable of the trip was my pal Nicole and I sneaking out on the ledge, talking to boys, when we were told repeatedly not too. Those were the days. I miss them."

Vernie K. wrote: "Congratulations on your 40th Birthday for Bethel #78. It was a real pleasure to preside as Guardian for Bethel #78's 25th birthday on December 10, 1989 as I was initiated into this bethel on February 20, 1967. I hope the next 15 years finds a healthy, happy, growing bethel and that all of you receive as many benefits from being a Jobie as I have. It has been so great to work with the girls and I have enjoyed every minute. Our trips to Grand Bethel Fun Weekend this past fall, all of our past Grand Sessions, and visitations, fun projects and work projects have been fun and even INTERESTING! Keep it up. Best of luck till the 50th!"

Colynn S. wrote: "Presently I am Senior Princess elect on January 7, 1990, our 50th Honored Queen and my best friend Stacy P. will be installed. Currently rap music is in, along with long hair for boys, old cars, and wild dancing. There are many memories that I want to share but something that stands out is at Grand Session in 1988 at Eugene. Danielle Y. HQ and I tp'd Gina Y. and Stacy P. while they were asleep. During the night we were up talking when we heard a noise and when we looked out the window and there were all our adults outside covering our doors with newspaper! So we decided to wake Stacy and Gina up and tell them. So we explained to them what we did and they said - and I quote - "I don't care". So we took all the TP off and left it. Then in the morning they woke up and surprisingly said "Why's there toilet paper under our bed!" But it was fun anyway! Our reception is almost over, and I wish you all the best for your future."

Katherine B. wrote: Being H.Q. has been a memorable experience! Juggling all my activities around bethel activities is hard but things always work out. I hope the present Associate Guardian doesn't make remarks that are an hour long like Mr. H. (the present Associate Guardian) does, and I hope that everyone here today listening to this remember that everyone is special."

Tania Marie K. wrote: Jobies has really meant a lot to me! Its not only the many friendships that I've made, its also what I learned! I used to not be able to stand in front of my class, and just give a simple book report without turning red and getting really embarrassed!! But now if asked to, I would talk in front of fifty thousand people, because Jobies really helps you to see the beautiful person that lies within us all!! We also do a lot of community services which really makes me feel better about doing things for other people!!"

Thought left by Stacy P.:

Author Unknown

Acquaintances may come and go
But friends are rare indeed
Because in every phase of life
they fill a special need
And since you're just that kind of friend
On whom I can rely
I find myself at ease with you
Whenever you're nearby
So whether we are face-to-face
Or whether we're apart
You hold a most important place
Within my grateful heart.