I was Honored Queen between June and December 1989. Starting in the early 1980s Bethel #35 gave the HQ a quilt with each square made by a Bethel member. The HQ would also be given a gavel from the Bethel Guardian and Associate Bethel Guardian (this may have been only when Dick Dorn was Associate Bethel Guardian and a wood sculptor), a Lily of the Valley by the Junior Princess, and the Senior Princess gave her a Bethel Bible engraved with her name. As a PHQ the incoming HQ would give her a silver tray that was engraved with her name and term as HQ. I still have all of my gifts. Each term we would have our "go to church" and if an HQ did not have a Church that she regularly attended,  we would visit different churches that I would never have thought to visit on my own, such as a 7th day Adventist, a Jewish Synagogue and a variety of Christian Churches. I really felt this to be an asset to the daughters! Each term our Bethel also had an HQ Mystery Trip (she decided where we would go) and we would have each line officer do a project to raise at least $100 for the Bethel. For many years we had a fireworks booth until the laws changed so much that we had to give it up. We did a philanthropic project each term and also assisted with the Grand Bethel's philanthropic project. For my term we raised money for the GB's philanthropic project "Dogs for the Deaf." For my project, we spent an evening at the Oregon State School for the Blind doing makeup for the girls, teaching them to dance and generally hanging out with them. (Trina B.)