Submission from Shirley Veach: My family and I worked with Bethel 10 in the late 60s.  My husband, Les Veach, was AGG in 1981. Joan Breeding (Brittson) was his Grand Guardian. I was Grand Guardinan 1990-91. Pete Stidd was AGG. 
The girls had to be 11 before they could join Bethel.



Most Bethels had drill  or dance  teams and worked very hard to win the trophy.

Bethel 10 went to Toronto to drill for the Eastern Star.

Money Maker

We and had a paper drive to raise money.

We still have pancake breakfasts

Washington Oregon Day

In alternate years, the girls from the Grand Bethels of Washington and Oregon would have a combined meeting and other activities.

California Oregon Day

When I was Grand Guardian, we tried a California Oregon day at Coos Bay.  Due the distance, it was challenging, but we had a great time, and learned alot about other Bethels.