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of the Sixth Messenger (mailings) not shown.


October 2017


October Mailing


Leadership Camp info is under the
Events Page
including the Packing list


Check out the GB Programs/
on the GBHQ Page!


Halloween Dance (added 10/15/17)




November 2017


November Mailing


Bethel #1 OV Celebration


December 2017


December Mailing

July 2017


Supreme Kick Off Picnic


Bylaws now posted


Letter re: New Bylaws and format
for Oregon




August 2017
September 2017


Bethel #67 Friendship Meeting


September Mailing


MOJD Pageant Contestants

April 2017



April Mailing #1


April Mailing #2



Oregon Rose Award Letter

ORA Nomination form .doc

ORA Nomination form.pdf


Grand Guardian Reception


BGC Recommendations - Revised Letter


Bethel Bylaws needs updated every 3 years,
has your Bethel completed yours?


Uniform Copy of Bethel Bylaws
Instructions and References

.doc fomat
.pdf format (to view easier on devices)


Uniform Copy Template
.doc fomat (to fill out on computer)
.pdf format (to view easier on other devices)


GrandSession Ad Sales


Grand Session Complete Packet .pdf


Grand Session Registration form .doc

Grand Session Registration form .pdf


Grand Session tentative Schedule


Grand Session Competitions


Grand Session Memorial



May 2017



May Mailing #1


May Mailing #2


Bethel 43 Installation


Youth Advisory Board Due 6/15

Letter w/instructions . doc

Letter w/instructions . pdf

Application .doc

Application .pdf



Proposed Amendments for
2017 GrandSession




June 2017



June Mailing


MOJD Application .pdf

MOJD Application .doc


Updated GS Schedule 6/10/17
(All schedules on website have been corrected. Use printed schedule from 6/18/17)


Grand Guardian Letter
Regarding Committees
(Posted 6/27/17)

January 2017



January Mailing


Grand Bethel HQ and SP applicant letter
.PDF version
.Doc Version


Grand Bethel HQ Application
.PDF version
.Doc Version


Grand Bethel SP Application
.PDF version
.Doc Version



February 2017



February Mailing


Grand Marshal, Grand Outer Guard,
Grand Guide, and Grand Inner Guard
hosts a weekend of fun!

Rummage Sale/Royal Feast Bingo


Statewide Initiation


Invite to all DJR attendees


Supreme Team Tryouts


Letter of Intent submission for
Youth Committee

March 2017



March Mailing


Grand Bethel Weekend Information


Registration form via Excel


Registration form via PDF


Bethel #1 Pie Fundraiser



Grand Guardian Challenges thru June:

Toto Team Challenge

Yellow Brick Road Challenge: Membership

Travel Miles Rules

Travel Miles Sheet

Tin Man "Go Red" Award