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February 2019

February Mailing






Talent Show 



Bethel #19 Flower Baskets

March 2019

March Mailing

October 2018


Full October Mailing



2018 Amaranth
Grand Ball / Reception


Leadership Camp
Packing and Directions


Shrine caravan


Supreme Fun Night

Supreme visit @ Bethel 66


Bethel #1 OV and Maj Ceremony


Bethel #11 Bunco Fundraiser


Bethel #19 OV with Halloween


November 2018


Full November mailing



MIJD Kayleigh's Fundraiser Flyer: Fundraiser Postponed


BnR @ Craft fair Nov 2


Bunco @ Bethel 11


Bethel #11 info on the
Christmas parade-slumber


Election letter & instructions 2018-19


Headband Sales


HIKE pig


Rummage Sale 2019


Turkey Raffle

December 2018


Full December Mailing


New Years Eve Dance #19


Bethel #19 Installation


Scholarship packet info


Bethel #81 Installation


Bethel #17 Installation 


Bethel #67 Potato Dinner


GGC Rummage Sale


Youth Scholarship Dinner


Bethel #1 Installation



July 2018




MOJD Application



Dress Code 2018-2019


August 2018


Quarter Mania Flyer Sept 2018


MIJD celebratory dinner


Comedy Show


MIJD Reception: save the date


September 2018


September Mailing


Leadership Camp form.xlsx


Constitution and Bylaw Revision Planning: Bethel letter


Letter re: GBSP

Bethel #17 OV with
Shadow Night and box social


Craft Bazaar 2018


April 2018


April Mailing (in full)


BGC Recommendations Packet


Grand Session Form/info needs


3 CAV Classes



Bethel #81 open (promotional) meeting



May 2018


May Mailing (in full)



Grand Session Packet



Oregon Rose Award Nomination packet



GB Reception and MESH Tea



Bethel #66 Dinner Invite


Bethel #17 Installation Invite


Grand Session Competitions

June 2018


June Mailing


Youth Committee application


Packing List


Supreme Kick Off Beach Party