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Ten Grand Piano Concert


Member Of Honor


Oregon Rose Award



Hillsboro Parade


GGC Rummage Sale


Tenney American Doll Fundraiser


Oregon Alumni's Gathering Tea and
MOJD Silent Auction


GB Rep to Oregon Letter



Chicken Cordon Bleu Dinner Fundraiser Invite 2019

October 2018


Full October Mailing



2018 Amaranth
Grand Ball / Reception


Leadership Camp
Packing and Directions


Shrine caravan


Supreme Fun Night

Supreme visit @ Bethel 66


Bethel #1 OV and Maj Ceremony


Bethel #11 Bunco Fundraiser


Bethel #19 OV with Halloween


November 2018


Full November mailing



MIJD Kayleigh's Fundraiser Flyer: Fundraiser Postponed


BnR @ Craft fair Nov 2


Bunco @ Bethel 11


Bethel #11 info on the
Christmas parade-slumber


Election letter & instructions 2018-19


Headband Sales


HIKE pig


Rummage Sale 2019


Turkey Raffle

December 2018


Full December Mailing


New Years Eve Dance #19


Bethel #19 Installation


Scholarship packet info


Bethel #81 Installation


Bethel #17 Installation 


Bethel #67 Potato Dinner


GGC Rummage Sale


Youth Scholarship Dinner


Bethel #1 Installation



July 2018




MOJD Application



Dress Code 2018-2019


August 2018


Quarter Mania Flyer Sept 2018


MIJD celebratory dinner


Comedy Show


MIJD Reception: save the date


September 2018


September Mailing


Leadership Camp form.xlsx


Constitution and Bylaw Revision Planning: Bethel letter


Letter re: GBSP

Bethel #17 OV with
Shadow Night and box social


Craft Bazaar 2018


April 2018


April Mailing (in full)


BGC Recommendations Packet


Grand Session Form/info needs


3 CAV Classes



Bethel #81 open (promotional) meeting



May 2018


May Mailing (in full)



Grand Session Packet



Oregon Rose Award Nomination packet



GB Reception and MESH Tea



Bethel #66 Dinner Invite


Bethel #17 Installation Invite


Grand Session Competitions

June 2018


June Mailing


Youth Committee application


Packing List


Supreme Kick Off Beach Party