Supreme Constitiution and Bylaws

(Full Set of Constitution and Bylaws:
Does not include Oregon Bylaws)


Oregon Bylaws
(Reformat includes Supreme Constitution and Bylaws
Files 1, 5-7, and 11-16,
as well as Oregon programs for Degree of RP, Alumni, ORA
(as of 1/7/18)


GB/MOJD Bylaws
(Content approved thus far)
(separate document until reformated)

(as of 7/12/17)

Oregon GGC Handbook
(content approved thus far)



Oregon Youth Committee Handbook (content approved thus far)


1. Grand Bethel Policies and Procedures


2. MOJD Policies and Procedures


3. Youth Committee Policies and Procedures


4. Appendix A: Grand Bethel Regalia Protocols


5. Appendix B: MOJD Regalia Protocols

****Additional Information****

Information on Insurance coverage on JDI Activities


2018-2019 Oregon Dress Code



****Certified Adult Volunter / Youth Protection Program****

CAV Registration and/or Renewal Online

Youth Protection FAQ's